Mechanical Staging

When selling a property the odds are, it will be properly inspected. A mechanical staging is an inspection of the mechanical system in a property, plus other major components and the “staging” of those mechanicals and other components to get your home ready for that sale and inspection.   Top to Bottom Property Solutions provides a detailed report of all the aspects of the mechanical systems and other major component of the home, and then advises you on what can be done to remove potential negotiating points during the sales process. We will inspect the heating system, air conditioning system, ductwork, venting, fireplaces / chimneys, plumbing system, bathrooms, hot water heater, electric, exterior, structure and all major appliances.

Possible mechanical issues that you could face include plumbing lines that are not draining, low water pressure, leaks below bathrooms from pipes or tub and showers, a leaking and old hot water heater, loose or hanging live electric wires, heating or air conditioning systems that are not functioning properly, improper ductwork, a fireplace or chimney with soot build up and a damper that is not functioning.  All of these items and more can cost you thousands of dollars when you are trying to sell your home and can become negotiating sticking points.


When you are thinking about selling, call of for piece of mind!