Top to Bottom Property Solutions fast, effective “Design/Build” process incorporates three key elements – cost, schedule, and quality. We discuss your challenges, goals and priorities, create a solution that works within these three key areas, and then assume responsibility for achieving your goals.

Design/Build is a system of contracting that involves the same professional in both the design and construction processes. The alternative is for the property owner to commission a designer to prepare drawings and specifications and separately selects a construction company, either by negotiation or competitive bidding.

Design/Build is nothing new. It has been in practices for centuries. Simply put, it streamlines the entire design/build process by hiring one company to accept full responsibility for your project – integrating conceptual design with functional performance and quality construction.

Top to Bottom Property Solutions has created an effective Design/Build system that packages high-quality professional design services with high-quality professional construction. This union of style, function and service provides you with a seamless, cost effective, timely and successful project from one responsible source.

We manage every aspect of a project from start to finish incorporating your ideas from the initial meetings into viable options and selections, ultimately presenting you with a solution grew from those original ideas. The concept of one responsible party keeps your project free of “interpretations” or “miscommunications” as it moves from design to construction. The result is a smooth transition from design to construction.

The time savings you will realize is one of the benefits of combing your design/build with one company.  You will likely save one or two months of time to reach project completion over conventionally separated design and construction services. Since you do not have to complete the design phase of the project before you begin to interview builders, the start of your project will already be scheduled with the builder.

One-stop shopping, one company responsibility, a functional and cost efficient design are the goals of a Design/Build project. 

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