Rehab Consulting

Searching for a property can be exciting.  Looking at a property and seeing its potential if you just moved this wall or added a bathroom there, or opened up a tight space is fun.  What’s not fun is finding out that what you thought would cost a few thousand dollars actually cost several thousand.  When you think you have found a property that you think you can turn into your dream home or office with a few minor modifications, call Top to Bottom Property Solutions to get a realistic estimate of what the real potential cost would be, BEFORE you make your offer on the property.

We will help you to be realistic about what you can and cannot do and the affordable solutions are to stay within your budget. Whether you are a new investor who wants to flip homes for profit, are a person who wants to rehab their existing home or someone who can’t find the perfect property, but has found something that is close; Top to Bottom Property Solutions can take the guess-work out of the re-hab, renovating equation.

Call us today for all your rehab and renovating questions.