Do you need a basement turned into a bedroom, playroom, office, or den? Are you looking to create a new or larger living space? Do you need a small bathroom added or enlarged? The decision to have your home or commercial property remodeled is a major one. Top to Bottom Property Solutions experience in design, re-design and construction will make the decision and process easy.  We guarantee to complete your project in the most courteous and professional manner. Our professionals will turn your remodeling plans into reality; from bathrooms to roofing, to complete renovation projects. Click on our gallery for more photos and ideas.

Top to Bottom Property Solutions provides professional Kitchen Design, Construction and Remodeling Solutions. Our remodeling projects are priced reasonably; include labor, materials. and building permits estimates. We are happy to provide written estimates based on different plans, designs and options. A comprehensive kitchen, bath or basement renovation and modernization doesn´t need to cost a small fortune.  We pride ourselves on creative solutions that work within realistic budgets.

We specialize in modern bathroom designs and remodeling. Optimizing your space and finding the best bathroom construction options for your needs is what we do best. We focus on what your specific needs are and what needs to be upgraded the most. When renovating your bathroom note that an estimated 80-85% of home improvement dollars spent on bathroom remodeling will be recuperated when selling your home. In addition to more space, think about installing fog free mirrors, heated floors, or a beautiful whirlpool.

Basements are the most versatile area of the home because you can tailor the space to fit any need you have.  It’s an excellent way to add value to any home and increase the usable square footage of your home without undergoing the process of building an addition onto your home.

No matter the project you decide upon, installing additional electrical outlets, plumbing, and waterproofing are very important areas to begin.

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